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Our Values

Values-Based Culture

It’s an administration model based in a renewed attitude toward the principles that originated our organizational culture. Its purpose is to have a positive impact in our strategies, processes and human capital. We recognize the importance of a values based culture in order to frame and guide our conduct and criteria and to help us guide our decision making process.

Our Values Allow us to:
Integrity Recognize that integrity is a fundamental aspect of decision making in relation to our clients, employees, shareholders, and every action that defines our lifestyle.
Innovation Recognize that innovation is an attribute inherent to successful organizations that allows them to reflect, adapt to changes, and renew their focus according to their vision and the market’s tendencies.
Teamwork Recognize the relevance of teamwork as a key driver for achieving organizational objectives.
Customer Satisfaction Recognize that prioritizing customer satisfaction is a guarantee to maintaining their loyalty and confidence in the Popular brand and its employees.
Respect Recognize that demonstrating respect towards our customers, shareholders, and colleagues can only lead to the creation of a culture of fair and respectful men and women.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be an efficient and profitable provider of financial services in the domestic and international market. We fulfill our social responsibility by guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients, employees and shareholders, supported by our human capital and modern technology and with the highest legal and ethical principles.