Products & Services

Domestic Lending

The Domestic Lending Group is comprised of three related lending initiatives – Community Development, Conventional Real Estate lending and Corporate Lending.

Community Development

Community Development not only provides loans to assist in community development, but also extends the outreach of BPD to the communities which it serves. In addition to these participating services (memberships to numerous not for profit organizations), the unit also provides loans to develop affordable housing projects, both ‘for sale’ housing and rentals for both seniors as well as family projects, community development projects that will bring both services and jobs to the community. These developments are facilitated through the loan programs of BPD. Construction loans of 12- 24 month duration will be provided on a floating rate basis. Permanent loans on either a fixed rate or floating rate basis will be offered on qualified projects with terms of up to 10 years and on amortization schedules of up to 30 years.

Conventional Real Estate

Conventional Real Estate lending will also be provided for both construction loans and permanent loans. Projects may include construction for tract housing ‘for sale’ developments, multi-family rental housing, and commercial and retail developments. Permanent loans will be provided for ‘cash flow’ projects on the above. Industrial and warehouse will be reviewed on a ‘case by case’ basis.

Corporate Lending

Our Corporate Lending program offers all the traditional business credit products such as lines of credit, term loans, owner-occupied/commercial real estate loans and letters of credit. We concentrate our efforts in our primary and secondary markets, and provide a complement to the Bank’s other lending and depository activities.